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An essential point that marks a change of course; a turning point often involving support and movement

Watershed provides individual psychotherapy and career counseling, graduate school coaching, trainings and consultation services, and writing. We have the experience, knowledge and outstanding skill-sets to provide the best in trainings, workshops, presentations and keynote speaker engagements. Independent, affiliated trainers bring their years of experience to supporting your school, school district, and business.

Jeanne Stanley, Ph.D.

Jeanne Stanley, Ph.D. is the CEO of Watershed Counseling and Consultation Services, a licensed psychologist, national trainer, consultant, published author and holds the appointment of Full Adjunct Professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education. She is the creator of the BASIS professional development series. With over twenty five years training educators, administrators, teachers and graduate students, her emphasis is on the intersection of belonging and sociocultural identities as well as supporting transgender and gender diverse individuals. Jeanne is known as an engaging presenter and a consultant who listens and works to empower others in their work. Dr. Stanley is the recipient of the Educator of the Year Award from the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education. She has several publications and is currently writing a book about the life of Storme DeLarverie. 

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The following trainers and consultants use Watershed's training materials (i.e. The BASIS Training Series) in school and businesses

Cindi Sternfeld, M.A., Ed.S.

Cindi Sternfeld, M.A., Ed.S., is a national trainer, licensed counselor, and educator. Cindi is fluent in American Sign Language and during her 25+ years at New Jersey’s Katzenbach School for the Deaf she was a Classroom Teacher, Independent Living Program Coordinator, Statewide Substance Abuse Prevention Counselor, Peer Leadership Coordinator, School Based Mental Health Counselor and Director of Campus Life. The common thread in each of these roles, that continues today, is maximizing student learning, social emotional success, and a sense of belonging for all members of the school community.  Her years of experience working in schools as an educator, school counselor and administrator provided her with practical and relevant experience supporting a range of professionals in school settings. Cindi trains on a variety of topics related to sociocultural identities in schools as well as the reduction of anxiety for students. As a trainer and a clinical supervisor, she seeks to create respectful, safe and fun learning environments. Her goal is to help participants add new skills and new understandings that will enhance and reinvigorate their work. Along with her work as a trainer, Cindi is an adjunct professor at The College of New Jersey as well as provides individuals, couples and family counseling and clinical supervision in her private practice located in Lambertville, New Jersey.  

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Cyndy Boyd, Ph.D.

Cyndy Boyd, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist with over 25 years of experience as a consultant in the areas of wellness and professional development with a specialty in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  Additionally, she provides individual and couples psychotherapy in her private practice in Philadelphia. She has served as Director of Training at both the University of Pennsylvania Counseling & Psychological Services Center and the University of Illinois at Chicago and has held a wide range of national leadership positions in the field of psychology. Cyndy is also a published author of numerous scholarly professional journal articles and book chapters as well as an editor of books on affirmative approaches to serving the multicultural LGBTQ+ community. She brings her expertise and passion for social justice, belonging, and psychological health in organizations to her work as a national trainer and workshop facilitator. As a dedicated life-long activist for equity, Cyndy has been honored with both the Models of Excellence Award from the University of Pennsylvania and the Service Award from the American Counseling Association for her dedication to the LGBTQ+ community. 

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Theo Burnes, Ph.D.

Theo Burnes, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, Affiliate full professor at Antioch University and the director of training and education programs at the Los Angeles Gender Center. As a trainer and educator, Theo has received numerous awards and has extensive experience teaching adult learners (i.e. teachers, administrators, and practice professionals). His central teaching pedagogy focuses on helping professionals engage in learning and exercises to increase their knowledge, attitudes, and skills working in socioculturally diverse work spaces. As a consultant, Theo has worked extensively on projects related to systemic change, diversity, leadership, and            
group dynamics. He travels the country providing trainings as well as online. 

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