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Client Feedback

Professor of Psychology Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Amherst and Former President of the American Psychological Association (APA)

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“Dr. Jeanne Stanley brings together her talent as a mentor, advisor, and psychologist to help potential and current graduate students in reaching their academic goals. She is outstanding at working with students to focus on their strengths and complete tasks in which they may otherwise feel overwhelmed or stagnant. Few people in the country offer the expertise that she provides in a wide range academic fields including the psychology, counseling, additional social sciences, medical, dental and veterinary programs as well as the humanities.” 

Faculty Member, University of Pennsylvania

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"Jeanne is a fabulous resource, who really listens to her clients. She truly cares about the goals of her clients and works hard to help clients achieve them. Furthermore, she is fun to work with!"

Dean, Psychologist

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"Dr. Jeanne Stanley is one of the best consultants I have ever worked with over the years. She is extremely comprehensive in her approach with clients, directing them to maximize their potential. In addition, she is a natural leader and presenter, and clients rave about how engaging she is as a resource. There is no one I would recommend more highly than Dr. Stanley."

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Professor, Advisor, and Dissertation Chair

"Jeanne is a professional of great integrity. She encourages and brings out the best in those with whom she works and gives her best to the process. Jeanne is committed to the success of the students with whom she works and will always bring her best to the relationship. I highly recommend."

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Graduate School Professor

“Sometimes navigating the grad school world and beyond can be quite a challenge and Jeanne Stanley is there to help with the questions, the confusion, the emotions, and the juggling!! Students are fortunate to have someone like Jeanne on their side.”

Graduate Student

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"Jeanne was an excellent professor who really cared about all of the students that were in her classes as well as the graduate program in which she taught. She was always encouraging students to expand their comfort zones all the while offering support along the way."

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Graduate Student

"I had the opportunity to know Dr. Stanley while I was a student at the University of Pennsylvania. She is amazing! As a mentor and professional, she is caring, conscientious, knowledgeable, and extremely insightful. I highly recommend Jeanne Stanley and feel that she can have a tremendous impact on your educational and/or professional career.

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"Jeanne is a conscientious, experienced coach who is intellectually savvy, wickedly funny, and brings to her work a deep commitment to helping graduate students meet (and sometimes exceed) their academic goals."

Associate Director, Career Services

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"I was fortunate to have Jeanne as a professor during my graduate program in Psychological Services at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Stanley is a wonderful, engaging professor who challenged us to examine our perspectives. I not only viewed her as a professor but also as a mentor. Thus, I view her current role as a graduate coach as a natural transition. Jeanne cares deeply for her students and her commitment to their success is evident. I highly recommend Jeanne as a graduate coach!"

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Senior Associate Dean

"Dr. Jeanne Stanley is an excellent coach for students planning to go to graduate school. She knows how to help you showcase your strengths and prepare yourself for the application and interview. I highly recommend her!"

Graduate Program Director

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"Jeanne has extraordinary interpersonal skills and is a delight to work with in all aspects of a project. I recommend Dr. Stanley for any project or consult that you may need."

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Former Professor and Career Psychologist

"Jeanne is someone who fires on multiple levels. I've worked with and observed Jeanne in various professional capacities ranging from organizing a national conference to teaching and encouraging difficult discussions on emotionally charged topics to mentoring and facilitating the professional development of others. Excellence and professionalism are her middle names."

Dissertation Student

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"Jeanne is incredibly supportive and excellent to work with. She knows what it takes to help students succeed and she's an excellent mentor."

Graduate Program Clinical Coordinator, Arcadia University

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"I have had the absolute pleasure to work with Jeanne on many occasions over the past few years! Whether she is a presenter in a workshop for our students, or serving as a consultant to our program, Jeanne is always professional, committed, knowledgable and a whole lot of fun!! The tremendous depth of information she has on issues related to graduate school and the counseling profession is amazing. Whenever I know that Jeanne is involved in something, I can rest assured knowing it will be done and done right."

University Administrator

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"Jeanne coached several of my colleagues, helping them to finish their educations on both the masters and doctoral level. She is on exceptional mentor."

Graduate School Client

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"Jeanne is an exceptional resource. She has a true talent for helping her clients achieve their goals. She brings experience, integrity, thoughtfulness, creativity, and a great sense of humor to her work. She is highly committed to her clients and is a pleasure to work with!"

Counseling Client

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"Jeanne is a warm, empathic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable counselor, therapist, coach and mentor. She helped guide and inspire me to find my perfect career path, as well as uncover any personal road blocks that were holding me back. I would highly recommend Jeanne to anyone looking for some extra support and encouragement. She is a wealth of knowledge, and a true comfort!"

Administrator, Saint Joseph's University

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"I worked with Jeanne in offering a Safe Zone Training on campus and she was an excellent trainer, engaged our students and faculty and made a real impact."

Owner, Consulting Company

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"I am thankful for Jeanne Stanley in my life. There are no words to describe how fantastic she is as a resource and a support, both professionally and personally. My consulting clients adore her and request her by name. All of the market research facilities we use remember he and give us better service because she treats the personnel so nicely. People like Jeanne because Jeanne understands people."

For more testimonials see Dr. Jeanne Stanley's LinkedIn

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