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Graduate School Coaching

Grad School coaching provides you with the support, structure and strategies that are tailored specifically to your needs.  

Our services specialize in supporting you in identifying and working toward your graduate-level academic (Masters & Doctoral Programs) 
and professional goals. In addition, we assist you in your career endeavors long after your graduation. 

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Areas of Speciality

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  • Determining if graduate school is the best option for your interests and needs 

  • How to best search and select potential schools/programs to apply

  • Successfully moving through the application process 

  • ​​How to best address your Personal Statement 

  • Standardized testing study planning

  • Asking and receiving strong letters of recommendation

  • Preparing for graduate school admissions interviews

  • Questions and concerns unique about one's  past academic experiences and present work/life circumstances in relation to goals for graduate school and career

  • From multiple offers, choosing which program to attend

  • Finding resources for scholarships

  • Working to complete your dissertation / thesis

  • Managing the working relationship with your advisor, dissertation chair/committee

  • Study skills and time management processes for success in graduate school and your career

  • Support for Graduate Programs in Social Sciences (Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Public Policy, etc.), History, Philosophy, Public Health, Medical School and Law Schools 

Availability & Fees

Currently, limited Grad School Coaching availability. Please contact Dr. Jeanne Stanley regarding your graduate school needs and if openings are available at this time. Note: All meetings are being done virtually. 

​50 Minute Session = $250
25 Minute Session = $125


Payment By: Credit Card via IvyPay

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