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Connecting with our LGBTQ+ Community Guide

TGD RESOURCE GUIDE (TGD = Transgender & Gender Diverse)

  • Watershed Counseling & Consultation Service's TGD Resource Guide is updated regularly

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TGD Terminology / Definition List from Watershed 

  • Articles related to supporting TGD individuals = See TGD Resource Guide above

​Resources for Starting & Effectively Running a GSA  (Gender & Sexuality Alliance Group)

Resources & Readings for Supporting TGD School Personnel

Resources for Creating / Updating Your Schools Health Curriculum re: Gender and Sexuality

Gender-Neutral Pronouns: Readings & Resources



Puberty & Health Education, Sexual Identities, and Gender Identities for K-12 Schools

FLASH - Comprehensive Sexuality Education Curriculum Program

Sexual Identity & Gender Identity Lesson Plans

Consulting Clients, contact Watershed for more information regarding resources
based on Puberty, Health Education, Sexul Identities and Gender Identities for