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Belonging & Sociocultural Identities in Schools or Companies

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Why Belonging & Why BASIS for Your School/District?

Watershed provides consultation and professional development trainings to school districts about the best practices and effective strategies for increasing Belonging in schools around sociocultural identities for all students and school personnel. 


Belonging has long been recognized as a fundamental need and motivator. BASIS (Belonging and Sociocultural Identities in Schools) is a professional development series and consultation service designed specifically for school/districts.


School belonging and its relationship to supporting one's sociocultural identities (i.e. class, disability, ethnicity, family structure, gender, race, religion and sexual identities) is at the foundation of BASIS.

Recent research has linked the importance of belonging to successful learning and self-esteem development for K-12 students.


School personnel’s own sense of belonging is also addressed since those who experience a positive sense of belonging in their workplace have greater satisfaction, engagement, teamwork and retention. The BASIS foundational training is designed for all school personnel. For both students and personnel when a sense of belonging is lacking, the opportunity for disconnection and discord is greater. Additional workshops therefore address effectively responding to missteps and put-downs in positive ways by creating and sustaining supportive classroom/school spaces. Attendees will learn how to implement an effective BASIS intervention framework for expanding school belonging within each school as well as throughout a school district.

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BASIS Training Series

The BASIS of Our Work: Supporting Belonging & Sociocultural Identities in our Schools
(101 in the BASIS Series)

Creating & Sustaining a Belonging-Based School Environment (102 in the BASIS Series)


Speaking Up / Calling In - Responding to Everyday Microaggressions with the Ongoing Goal of Increasing Support & Belonging in our Schools (103 in the BASIS Series)

Where are We Now and Where do We Want to Be? Focus Groups Centered on a Sense of Belonging and Sociocultural Identities in our School / District (Part of the BASIS Training Series)

See below for additional trainings in the BASIS series that address specific socio- cultural identities for students and school personnel

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BASIC for Companies

BASIC (Belonging and Sociocultural Identities in Companies) provides a range of trainings focused on creating a business culture that is open and supportive of a range of identities of employees and is quintessential to DEI initiatives in today's businesses.

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Additional Related Trainings

Other trainings in the series address topics related to supporting and increasing belonging with disenfranchised groups in schools such as transgender and gender diverse students and school personnel.


The trainings are Synchronous online or in person, each 2 hours with a maximum size of 35 participants. One, two or three trainings may be scheduled for one day or across a semester.

Consultation Services

Watershed brings over 25 years of consultation and professional development training experience to our work supporting school/school districts in equity and inclusion initiatives.


We work to understand and address your school’s/district’s unique needs and take a proactive approach to supporting students, teachers, school personnel, administrators, board personnel, parents and community members.

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