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Practical and Effective Trainings in the following areas

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Outing Pride

100+ Years of LGBTQ+ History in the U.S.


Presentation often used for DEI & Pride month events


BASIS Training Series: 101, 102, 103 


Belonging & Sociocultural Identities in Schools): Consultation services and professional development trainings for schools and school districts about the best practices and effective strategies for creating and sustaining a sense of belonging for all students and school personnel in your school community.  

Creating & Sustaining Belonging for all Personnel in Business/Corporate/University Settings 

  • 101: The BASIS of Our Work: Supporting Belonging & Sociocultural Identities in our Schools

  • 102: The BASIS of Our Work: Creating & Sustaining a Belonging-Based School Environment

  • 103: Speaking Up / Calling In – Responding to Everyday Microaggressions with the Ongoing Goal of Increasing Support & Belonging in our Schools

Supporting LGBTQ+ Students and School Personnel in School Districts and Business Employees and C-Suite Executives 

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LGBTQ+ Training & Consultation Services

Supporting Transgender & Gender Diverse Students in our School (District)

       Several trainings ranging from foundational to

       advanced based upon audience       


Supporting Transgender & Gender Diverse Employees and Customers in Business


Transgender and Gender Diverse (TGD) Students/Individuals

  • Facilitating Inclusive Dialogues: An Anti-Racism Approach to Classroom Conversations  

  • Self-Care and Role Modeling During Tumultuous Times

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